EVA Air Cargo

EVA Vilyaciryo Otorniëo vilyacirya colien armar

Vilyacirya (hya vilcirya) ná i cirya ya polë vilë i visto tulconen. Vilcirya polë vilë i turienen atano vilciryassë hya atannen et vilyaciryallo túrala nonwar vilciryassë.

Arcastaro quentarEdit

Arcastaro noa quentassen, quenter i Númenóri isinter auta ciryali yar poller vilya vilwassë:

"(...) i Númenóri (...) rincer auta ciryar yar oronter or i Ardo néni ar hamper i ëarinnar ólainë. Mal fintanent' er ciryar yar círaner vilwassë."
"(...) the Númenóreans (...) tried to devise ships that would rise above the waters of the world and hold to the imagined seas. But they achieved only ships that would sail in the air of breath."[1]

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