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Stub Sina lassë tolbo ná.
Polillë asya Vinquenya Wici palyala sa.
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Nippon Imbaressë

Nippon (yando Nihon) - i nórë Rómenya Ásiassë. Nassa Senda Airondë, rómello Eär Nippono. Caitas tollissen 6,852 (canta tallo - Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu ar Shikoku - sámala 97% talamo Nipponwa). Nipponessë marir quenion os mindóri 127.



Nólúmequentalëa NipponEdit

Nippon yestassë lúmequentalëoEdit

Minyë nipponnorEdit

Minyë nipponor tuller Nipponessë 40K loar n.H.

Randa JōmonEdit
Randa YayoiEdit

Ontalë NipponoEdit

Randa KofunEdit
Randa AsukaEdit

Nippon EnderandassëEdit

Nippon Sinya LúmessëEdit


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