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Stub Sina lassë tolbo ná.
Polillë asya Vinquenya Wici palyala sa.

Elijah Wood tyalin Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins nyarvëa quén parmassen Arcastarenen ná.

Nás i minya quén mí Heru i Million. Nás yando tanaina mí I Silmarillion. Anes perian Tarannallo, ar minë Corma Collindoro. Anes antanina i Corma SauronenBilbo Baggins, tá lendes ana Oron Amarto Morinórëo, yassë nancares sa.


Anes tanaina mí I Nilmë i Cormallo, Frodo i yondo Drogo Bagginswa ar Primula Brandybuckwa né.

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